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jane (2020)

2:00 min

Written and Directed by: Quinn Else 

Client: FOX Digital Studio | Bite Sized Horror

Produced by: Talya Stern

Production Design by: Mauricio Abud Friederichsen

Colorist: Dante Pasquinelli | NEER MOTION

password available upon request

turn on (2019)

4:30 min

Written by: Celine Layous 

Co-Directed by: Celine Layous & Quinn Else

Produced by: Froso Tsipopoulou & Erin Gilchrist

Colorist: Frederick Bourbon 

Music courtesy of Marc Houle

Grace (2019)

14:51 min

Written and Directed by: R.J. Glass

Produced by: Froso Tsipopoulou & Amanda Freedman

Production Design: Gemma Fenol 

Colorist: Ethan Schwartz - LIGHT IRON

password available upon request

Before we heal (2017)

15:16 min

Written and Directed by: Nadim Hobeika

Produced by: Nadim Hobeika & Elie Deek

Art Direction by: Assaad Khoueiry

Colorist: Christelle Elias - LUCID

password available upon request